Learn to love and understand at the same time. In the end, it’s not about you. It’s about us.

Sometimes it is terrifying to love somone too much. 

Love Drunk

Want you by my side Times when I’m sad Baby, when I looked around You’re nowhere to be found So I dialed your number If I could remember Hope you’ll answer But it took you forever So I sat on the floor Holding this liquor Hand is shaking And I am breaking As I feel … More Love Drunk


When something they needed It’s you they can remember Favor you asked They don’t care even if you suffer You try to ignore They need your help more Still give them every little that you have Even when you have no more It hurts to say They call you everyday But the truth is No … More Alone

Secret Rendezvous

July 26th Again we met Let’s make this real I’ll never regret For a moment Silence was present You didn’t talk So I started Told you “I miss you” You didn’t believe it But it’s true You asked me questions Answered with no hesitation Had every solution Still you’re in the state of confusion I’ll … More Secret Rendezvous

Every Night

As I watch you sleep Feels like you’re drowning In the water so deep I’ll help you when can’t breathe Eyes wide open But can’t see anything Think you’re so close to me But can’t feel anything Thought of our welfare Isn’t it fair? I know I can’t have you forever That I can’t bear … More Every Night

Broken Glass #Part2

Saw your messages Other girls you engage You told them sweet words To me you said those words again You told me “You’re the only one” Not knowing the same line You said to the other one I’m your sweet heart You call them sweet names You said you’re serious Bet in this world you’re … More Broken Glass #Part2